11 simple ways to become a better writer 

by sheena fronk

Simple writing tips

learn to write the conversational copy people actually want to read

Want to transform technical documents into clear content even non-technical readers can easily understand?

Looking to write more concise, engaging, and conversational copy that pulls your readers in?

You've come to the right place.

Small changes. 

Big impact.

So, you want to be a better writer?

Use these easy tips to elevate your writing and create more captivating content.

Whether you’re a:

- Technical writer looking to write more clearly

- Non-writer who has to occasionally write for work

- New to professional writing altogether

These tips will help you better engage your audience by connecting on a human level.

Do less. Get more.

Writing doesn't have to be complicated or cumbersome. Keep it simple to deliver more impact.

You're only 11 simple changes away from spending less time editing, rewriting, and spinning your wheels and more time writing the powerful and clear copy that informs and engages your readers.

Do you ask yourself…


How do I make my content more concise without sacrificing the narrative?


How do I ensure everyone understands my technical guides?


How do I write content that excites,
engages, or educates my readers?


How do I take my writing
from standard to standOUT?

As an established content writer and copywriter, I get asked all the time how to make writing more relatable along with advice on how to build writing skills.

This ebook covers the basics of writing on a human level and becoming a better writer—whether you’re sending a business email, writing technical documentation, or anything in between. 

It includes examples, too, so you can see how the tips work in practice!


Business analyst

11 Simple Ways to Become a Better Writer is both practical and easy to read. There are “Before and After” examples for each of the 11 tips, and while some of them are subtle, they are effective.  

These tips will work for business, personal, technical, or educational writing - basically any kind of everyday writing. As a bonus, the formatting is attractive. I give this ebook 5 out of 5 stars.


Senior project manager

Sheena's tips are straight to the point, and the side-by-side comparison format makes it easy to spot the subtle changes that have big impact. 

I work in the software industry so the examples Sheena has are very relatable and I look forward to being more intentional in my writing now that I have greater awareness after reading her book. 


Government contractor

After reading Sheena’s book, I was immediately able to see how I could apply her suggestions, without worrying about things like ending a sentence with a preposition!
Her tips actually helped me improve my blog posts. The cool part was it sounded more like me. Less BS, more impact.
You’ll find ways to become more effective than your peers or co-workers, simply because your writing is more clear and impactful. Great book.

Ready to take your writing from basic to brilliant?



What you'll learn


How to write technical concepts anyone can understand.


How to write in a more conversational tone.


How to engage your audience with easy-to-read content.


How to become a better content and copywriter.


sheena fronk

I’ve always had a passion for the written word. First, it was literally writing out letters to create funky fonts, dabbling in calligraphy, and transforming simple letters into artful doodles. 

Then, it was writing for school and participating in spelling bees. I remember the excitement of looking up new words in the dictionary and finding a way to weave them into my stories. 

And finally, it was blogging to satisfy my need for creativity while working in sales.

Writing is so much more than a hobby or passion for me—it’s in my blood. I write for a living. I own my own writing business. I write for clients. I write for myself. And now I’m writing for you.

I am, by every definition of the word, a writer.

Write irresistible content that leaves your audience wanting more using these simple tips from yours truly.

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